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A visit to restaurant Mojo in Patong, Phuket Thailand

Great restaurant with friendly smiles from staff a bit on the pricy side if you compare local Thai food places but it’s value for money and that’s why we keep coming back. The below food for two persons with one liter of local draft beer and a soda water was just short of 1100 THB

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Is Cambodia dangerous

Just got this question from a friend and as in every thing or place in life yes it can be dangerous it can also be completely awesome it’s first and foremost up to you – let me elaborate. Warning ⚠️ Anyone offended by straight talk and reality can stop reading now. Here is how I

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Phuket – favorite western / non Thai only restaurants

Been traveling to Thailand for many years I have the perception that food quality have increased a lot and while it’s getting more expensive the quality and availability has gone up – especially western food not counting fast food chains. Like the above tacos from a local restaurant just rock your socks off. Sala Mexicali

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