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Want a blog in English or Swedish but don’t have the time to do it – reach out to us on fb.com/Idonothaveaboss or fb.com/ankanwildandcrazy

Freelance writing

Need something written about private or business traveling – we can help you fill that column or article in English or Swedish

Please contact us on fb.com/Idonothaveaboss or fb.com/ankanwildandcrazy

Personal Diet Plans

Do you want to loose or gain weight and need a personal diet plan – consult us and we will help you reach your goals without making it seem impossible and not change everything you do – English or Swedish

Tailor made training programs

Are you a bit lost sometimes in the gym – don’t have time to workout- want to exercise at home – let us help you with a tailor made program for you at the level you are at now and update it as you progress – English or Swedish with instructions and visualized in pictures and/or video.

Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer in English or Swedish to help you reach your goals faster and with support- great to combine with a diet plan.

YouTube Intro/Outro support

You have a YouTube Channel but no time / knowledge how to create an intro or outro to your videos or you simply need someone to edit them for you and maybe add some nice effects – reach out to us on fb.com/Idonothaveaboss or fb.com/ankanwildandcrazy

Here is our YouTube channels



License Health Checks / Audit Support

Have you had an audit sometime or having now then I have long experience of both doing the actual audit myself and being on you as a customer side helping out – please visit my LinkedIn profile to see my previous experience https://www.linkedin.com/in/idonothaveaboss

Moving or moved to Named User Licensing

There is actually more to it that just get this simplified way to roll out software and manage Named User Licensing side by side with traditional perpetual licensing – my experience in this helps me understand and can help your company align the different departments that are involved in handling software – all from the server room to management – English or Swedish https://www.linkedin.com/in/idonothaveaboss

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