Big Money problems in Cambodia

This may sound and feel like a clickbait but it is actually a problem because when you get money from an ATM you usually get 100 dollar bills and that can be a massive amount of cash for restaurants and other venues that they quite often needs to sort out in giving you back bothContinue reading “Big Money problems in Cambodia”

Seven hour Taxi ride from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

This is a three and a half to seven+ hour trip make no mistake so if you are going either way be prepared with water and snacks – there are stops here and there especially in the small towns/villages you pass – if you are planning or just want to buy something have Cambodian RielContinue reading “Seven hour Taxi ride from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh”

Flight to Cambodia

We are taking an Air Asia flight tomorrow morning from Phuket (HKT) international airport to get to Phnom Penh international airport (PNH). Starting with Sihanoukville and Otres beach for a few days then plan to take either speedboat or ferry to Koh Rong for a few days of island life before heading to Phnom PenhContinue reading “Flight to Cambodia”

Weekend blog – Nai Harn beach

A lot of people but still place for you to relax – either with your own parasol That you can buy for 300 to 450 Bath (negotiable) or rent a (they come in pairs) bed for 200 Bath per day not negotiable. There are plenty of shops to buy your beach gear even if theContinue reading “Weekend blog – Nai Harn beach”