Vlog #45 Phuket Bird Park – great for families

This park won’t take up all of your day A lot of animals and not so much talk http://www.ankanwildandcrazy.com #usa #america #thailand #malaysia #vietnam #cambodia #hawaii #honolulu #sun #summer #wages #Sweden #Europe #idnhab #awciam #childrensbook #supertuben #supertubentekla #waikikibeach #waikiki #honolulu #hawaii #hawaiilife #oahu #sunshine #sunsets #usa #america #october #warm #love #aloha #mahalo #australia #palmtrees #sandContinue reading “Vlog #45 Phuket Bird Park – great for families”

Siem Reap Cambodia And visa information for Cambodia

Time has come to give you a look at what I think is a charming little town outside of Angkor Wat. It’s a six hour bus drive from Phnom Penh and I recommend that you go with the Giant Ibis buses for a fair priced comfortable ride Book online https://www.giantibis.com or at your hotel ifContinue reading “Siem Reap Cambodia And visa information for Cambodia”

Monday’s are fundays or I don’t like boss people.

I hated Monday’s before when I was doing 9 to 5 (usually more) work always the bad taste in my mouth from having the weekend off to countless back to back meetings – because for some reason companies needs meeting to tell people what to do. If I ever start a company I will onlyContinue reading “Monday’s are fundays or I don’t like boss people.”

Is Cambodia dangerous

Just got this question from a friend and as in every thing or place in life yes it can be dangerous it can also be completely awesome it’s first and foremost up to you – let me elaborate. Warning ⚠️ Anyone offended by straight talk and reality can stop reading now. Here is how IContinue reading “Is Cambodia dangerous”

Weekend blog – Nai Harn beach

A lot of people but still place for you to relax – either with your own parasol That you can buy for 300 to 450 Bath (negotiable) or rent a (they come in pairs) bed for 200 Bath per day not negotiable. There are plenty of shops to buy your beach gear even if theContinue reading “Weekend blog – Nai Harn beach”

Grumpy people

This is one of the reasons we left Sweden and the Western world – it has gotten to the point when everyone one looks grumpy (see my upcoming blog about smiles) and if they don’t get exactly their way they go into snowflake mode and act offended. This is something you rarely see here inContinue reading “Grumpy people”