Fridag blog – Nightlife in 🇹🇭

We have been to many different countries and we like some party now and then and to be honest Thailand is the best place for all ages no comparison. I have partied in New York, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston, Austin Texas, all over Europe but the feeling you get in South East Asia bets themContinue reading “Fridag blog – Nightlife in 🇹🇭”

Weekend blog – Solar power

I just say wow when it comes to this portable solar panel (Not sponsored…yet…;)) with three 5V 2.4A max per power outlet. We gave approximately 100 € / 110 $ for it and it’s worth every cent. Go beyond just charging your phone and think of power banks, cameras USB driven fans for that reallyContinue reading “Weekend blog – Solar power”

You can own many things but you can only own one life…

What do restarting your life mean… For us it means no more needing to go to a workplace to serve a company or someone else’s goals and visions – we want to form our own lives here and now. I will cover this in-depth in a future episode I just need to wrap my mindContinue reading “You can own many things but you can only own one life…”

Looking for a house in Phuket

Sitting in our office after a day looking for a place to more permanent living and it resulted in a few prospects to look closer at. Today’s office view (no stock foto) Bought new working shoes Also I had time for some fun and creative work…. Lunch was awesome as usual 😋👍 Follow Annika: http://www.ankanwildandcrazy.comContinue reading “Looking for a house in Phuket”