March 12, 2019 0 Comments

I am going to be a bit self and “western world” critical in this one. What do you mean doesn’t Westerners smile? No not nearly as much as Thai people not saying that they have all the answers but most of them seem to live here and now instead of worrying about five years from […]


February 11, 2019 0 Comments

So this is going to be an interesting one especially for the person I am blogging about 😁 We met online on an app in Facebook – chatted for a while and then she actually got the guts to come over to me and meet – she came up the stairs with her friend in […]

Fridag blog – Nightlife in 🇹🇭

February 8, 2019 0 Comments

We have been to many different countries and we like some party now and then and to be honest Thailand is the best place for all ages no comparison. I have partied in New York, Las Vegas, Florida, Boston, Austin Texas, all over Europe but the feeling you get in South East Asia bets them […]

Weekend blog – Solar power

February 3, 2019 0 Comments

I just say wow when it comes to this portable solar panel (Not sponsored…yet…;)) with three 5V 2.4A max per power outlet. We gave approximately 100 € / 110 $ for it and it’s worth every cent. Go beyond just charging your phone and think of power banks, cameras USB driven fans for that really […]

You can own many things but you can only own one life…

January 18, 2019 0 Comments

What do restarting your life mean… For us it means no more needing to go to a workplace to serve a company or someone else’s goals and visions – we want to form our own lives here and now. I will cover this in-depth in a future episode I just need to wrap my mind […]

Reality check

January 16, 2019 0 Comments

I had a feeling standing in the water looking at the sun and the clear water that we were soon bound for Sweden – did not like that feeling at all. Reality just struck and we are starting to look at people like they are flying home soon… and we will just take a TukTuk… […]

Looking for a house in Phuket

January 15, 2019 0 Comments

Sitting in our office after a day looking for a place to more permanent living and it resulted in a few prospects to look closer at. Today’s office view (no stock foto) Bought new working shoes Also I had time for some fun and creative work…. Lunch was awesome as usual 😋👍 Follow Annika: […]

I Quit

January 15, 2019 0 Comments

A couple of years ago me and my partner started to discuss restarting our life with the latter in focus – we have been working for all of our life and all we felt that we had time and steam for was work. So we planned an exit from the rat race and executed it […]