Vlog #52 up Waikiki Beach Honolulu Hawaii USA

Honolulu Hawaii today Also don’t miss my blog about tipping in USA https://idonothaveaboss.com/2019/10/10/tipping-in-usa/ http://www.ankanwildandcrazy.com http://www.supertuben.com #waikikibeach #waikiki #honolulu #hawaii #hawaiilife #oahu #sunshine #sunsets #usa #america #october #warm #love #aloha #mahalo #australia #palmtrees #sand @ankanwildandcrazy @supertubentekla @annikaankankallman

Monday’s are fundays or I don’t like boss people.

I hated Monday’s before when I was doing 9 to 5 (usually more) work always the bad taste in my mouth from having the weekend off to countless back to back meetings – because for some reason companies needs meeting to tell people what to do. If I ever start a company I will onlyContinue reading “Monday’s are fundays or I don’t like boss people.”

Dreaming is not the same thing as memories

It just struck me that we have been traveling since 31 of December 2018, we left Sweden on New Year’s Eve to live our life more freely on our own terms. Not everything has been easy but with patience and the will to learn and tackle new experiences we have come to a point whereContinue reading “Dreaming is not the same thing as memories”

Immigration in Sweden

Being born and raised in Sweden usually means that you are a tolerant person with a lot of patience, used to stand in line if there’s a queue we are also told that the government will take care of us if we get sick or just plain old this something that you should not countContinue reading “Immigration in Sweden”

Weekend blog – Moving House

Ok – this I would know quite a bit about in Sweden but are clueless (almost) here in Thailand and you will need to rely on a a company to help you and today we got in contact with a real estate company and went to see 2 very different homes one was more aContinue reading “Weekend blog – Moving House”