How to Not make friends on an airplane

I am a pretty frequent flyer both in my job and private and I tend to just find my seat and behave chilled and in what I call travel mode. I also try to behave as normal as possible and not hassle fellow travelers This however is not the case for everyone as many ofContinue reading “How to Not make friends on an airplane”

Bangla Road, Patong People Watching

It´s Sunday here in Thailand and i put together a montage of people watching from Patong and the infamous Bangla road. Don´t forget to also visit the girl on the picture (Swedish language) #usa #america #thailand #malaysia #vietnam #cambodia #hawaii #honolulu #sun #summer #wages #Sweden #Europe #idnhab #awciam #childrensbook #supertuben #supertubentekla #waikikibeach #waikiki #honoluluContinue reading “Bangla Road, Patong People Watching”

Sunday and Angkor Wat

Time to release my vid from our trip to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia – this is the “small” tour that takes 6 hours+ to do so I boiled it down a bit – we didn’t but you should bring a hat – there is not a lot of shade. Get 15 Euro fromContinue reading “Sunday and Angkor Wat”

A visit to restaurant Mojo in Patong, Phuket Thailand

Great restaurant with friendly smiles from staff a bit on the pricy side if you compare local Thai food places but it’s value for money and that’s why we keep coming back. The below food for two persons with one liter of local draft beer and a soda water was just short of 1100 THBContinue reading “A visit to restaurant Mojo in Patong, Phuket Thailand”