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January 21, 2020 0 Comments

Or any other name on an activity that asks you for your installed software have you had one?

This is something that you or your company have agreed on when signing the software agreement that allows you to use the software – if you do not agree to this you can´t in most cases sign an agreement. Problem with this is that most people and companies do not know about this or simply forget it until a vendor knocks on the door asking for information.

How are you as a company selected – I won´t give you all the secrets but it´s all from you are in a certain industry or size that the vendor is interested in or of course other reasons.

One problem with audits or whatever name they go by is that it´s only a snapshot that don´t really solve the underlying problem and of course creates tension between the two parties.

So how do you prepare for activities like an audit or as simple as a renewal – may the person that signed have left the company – there is not to seldom I´ve seen agreements that have been signed by someone that went into retirement shortly after the deal was done – in many cases just because no one else wanted the task or that person “had worked a long time at the company” – this is the absolutely worst way of signing software agreements – period.

If you want to be geared up or need help right now we can have a talk about what you are up against – as I mention on my front page my method does not only fit on one vendor you can use it on any – if you want specific software licensing expertise my areas are Adobe and Microsoft.

100% of the companies I have been in contact with during my career have been under, over or simply wrongly licensed but don´t be offended this is not an easy task – reasons are many but this being a not so hot topic to work with tasks are given away too lightly and with the notion that yeah it’s a “standard agreement” we are signing… nothing could be more wrong. I have seen people been laid off to employees charged caught with pirated software on their work machines to totally wrongly set up servers due to laziness that did not even need a license to begin with that end up costing unnecessary money.

I also urge Software Vendors if you have CSM or similar that have a hard time reaching their goals I have a good recipe to be successful if you are able to open your mind to what I have to say based on my own experience as a CSM – to date most software vendors only use the CSM as a new sales role which in my opinion is a total waste in the long run.

Just don´t get me wrong I am on the end customer side I just want them to actually utilize the service most companies do not understand

I want to make any person I work with a hero and with that said we all start from somewhere and the goal is to make things better – I have seen companies that make software themselves tell me there is no problems and that they have control – only to send them a invoice for pirated and cracked software at the end of the engagement – I really do not like that ending therefor I invest my time and effort into starting up this company.

If your management team doesn´t see this as a problem, don´t hesitate to let me explain to them how this could be improved, and a burden be lifted of the people that have this responsibility on their shoulders.

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