Bottled water

December 28, 2019 0 Comments

This is One of our time worst products – a lot of countries have perfectly good drinking water straight from the tap and those who have not should strive to get there instead of using water in a plastic bottle as a quick fix. And I know there is thirst in the world which is horrible but I can assure you that water “making” companies are not interested in solving the infrastructure in those parts of the world – they want to sell bottled water.

First of all the plastic bottle- it’s Plastic no matter if it has been recycled before or going to be recycled again – a lot of them will sooner or later end up in nature – when this product in its many shapes and forms breaks down in nature it just becomes smaller and smaller pieces until it ends up in our oceans and fish so we humans can eat our own waste – that’s not a nice thought.

Transportation – it’s probably bottled from an “amazing spring” far far away from where you buy it – pro tip it needs someway to get to your store and I can tell you that the Santa’s elves is surely not walking them there.

Manufacturing it – factories need power and machinery- there is no tap connected to that spring – and they are in a lot of cases adding flavor to it – doesn’t that make it a soda?…

The price – ridiculous – people complaining about fuel prices should really reach for their calculator and work out the price per gallon or liter depending on what measurements you use. Also add how long does it take you to earn enough money to buy enough water to keep you going for one day – that’s a eye opener. And you are paying for the tap water too – it’s called tax…

It’s good to devour water and keep you hydrated no argue there but it should be from a more cost and environmentally friendly way

Some environmentalists think that air travel will kill the planet – water is – as long as humans insist to buy it in plastic bottles.

How many plastic bottles of water did you buy 2019 and what did you pay for them in total – I’m sure you recycle everyone of them too – don’t worry you are not alone and that’s the problem.

Why? Simply put it comes down to Money – it always does.

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