Do travel make you a better person

November 23, 2019 0 Comments

This is a reflection of the last year’s trip around the world and how it has changed the way I see things and how I look at people – there is maybe some things that will upset people so be it everyone are entitled to there own view of the world we are sharing.

Traveling from Europe going via Asia – Australia – USA have not only been an awesome experience it has also given me an even more open minded and embracing view of life and all that is in it in this blog I’m going to focus on people. And I will punch the Swedish (and some other grumpy no manners Europeans) people on their nose just a little bit.

I don’t think any single place have the “best” persons but if I was to choose from the people we met and came in contact with and had the opportunity to choose from all of them I would from the south East Asian – their helpfulness and smiles – Australians their politeness – Americans the way they e.g. hold the door for you and say thanks – the Swedes on the other hand – when was the last time someone randomly helped you with something or even publicly smiled (not counting drunk people)

It has become a much more cold “me me me” climate in Sweden over the past years that is very worrying and not only the physical violence with knifing, shooting and bombings – I am talking ordinary people with an attitude that doesn’t belong in society – one (not only) of the foundations to this is in my belief “Jantelagen” where you are not allowed to be better than someone else – such introverted bullshit is deeply rooted in many Swedes and it’s painful to see it evolve in this way.

I am no saint and help everyone but next time you are among other people – try letting that elderly person have your seat on the bus – try hold the door open for someone – try say I am sorry (and not only “oj”) and thanks – that’s just a few things that are free and gives a feeling of good inside – and we all need that.

Of course not all people are good and no one is perfect but if you cherry-pick the best and allow yourself to see a bigger picture and be a better version of you – that’s an awesome feeling and most of it is free and helps in more ways than one.

And in days like these I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be saluted in social media and newspapers just for being nice.

Ending ranting now I must Saturday have now <—my partner <— our dog and children’s book series

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