The Strat Vegas (Stratosphere)

We have been staying at the Strat in Vegas for two weeks and this is what we think of the place. And no we did not get anything thing free all expenses is out of our own pockets.

Staff interaction

First the checkin – it’s pretty smooth until you upgrade and extend your stay – we did just that a couple of days before our initial booking expired to avoid any hassles – that did not go through well the girl who did the upgrade did not know what she was doing – and a housekeeping person stood outside our room and asked if we were checking out the same day we extended from – not ok at all Strat – we then headed down to the reception and asked what is wrong the person on the other side started to correct the errors the previous person did – this is not cool Strat.

That’s the check in staff out of the way now the housekeeping part – on our two weeks stay we had to call housekeeping five times and subsequently get out of the room for them to do their jobs – yes we were late out of our beds but it’s Vegas not everyone wakes up early.


The Strat offers a pretty competitive pricing per night but also includes a resort fee per night that I feel should be optional depending on what resort facility you want to visit.


– we were returning a Avis car and did not know what hotel worked with them we got a really rude answer from a valet boy that “you have to drive to the Strip” for f sake Strat employ better people – if a tourist needs help don’t be an asshat.

Ford Mustang in LA


The rooms – pay for an upgrade from standard which we did – the old rooms are run down and not fresh at all with a view that is not a view…

That’s most of the negative part taken care of now the positive – we stayed in a non smoking queen room and it was totally good (except it stank cigarette and cannabis smoke from the room door from time to time).

Yes it’s a mess but it’s how it’s gonna look after two weeks 😉


The surrounding area have a lot of homeless people wandering about and the police are not as frequent as on the strip – we we’re mostly not approached or noticed – but one person – high as hell screamed go home and stared at us so keep that in mind and be aware of your surroundings.

Getting around

This hotel is located way off the Strip and walking to Wynn and the Strip takes around 30 minutes in slow pace. Taxis, Uber etc. are available.


Gaming was an ok experience it’s not an overwhelming amount of stations but it’s good enough to have you entertained.



Drinking is a part of vegas and the “sports” bar was really friendly especially one local girl that even remembered what we liked to drink – kudos to that. Someone may like this style of setup I prefer the old style casinos like Circus Circus or Harrahs – taste is different.

Poker and beer

Top of the world

The restaurant in the tower is not bad at all – we were met with friendly faces and good enough service to enjoy the view and food.

107th floor

Do we recommend the Strat? Hmm if something of the above makes you hesitate then no – if you are good with is yes – it’s up to you what you want – this is only how we see it.

LA to Vegas baby

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