Plastic bags

I have to admit I am not a fanatic when it comes to the environment because I believe that the temperature will fluctuate no matter what we do.

I am for attacking the environment discussion from another angle and that is plastic bags – these things will not destroy our planet (that’s the job of humankind) but they pollute the world in a way that I find disgusting because it’s government driven in most places – think of it – most countries are getting rid of plastic shopping bags in one way or another due to legislation and this all good I think – the problem imo is that now we need to buy specific plastic garbage bags instead because on the trash bin it says put your garbage in plastic bags before throwing them (Sweden) – this creates a catch 22 problem that can’t be solved until the changes the law or invention of a new way of throwing away trash appears – but this cost money and that’s not gonna happen for a while.

Reusable bag

The part where I said that plastic bags won’t kill the planet comes back to that every piece of plastic that we incorrectly handles by just throwing it into nature will eventually end up back in our own stomachs after being broken down in one way or another.

I would like a system where the disposal process and gathering of garbage did not involve an extra plastic bag – that would end my need for disposable plastic garbage bags.

I know that bags are not the only product that can be made of plastic but baby steps- you can’t change everything at the same time. Change hurts even if it’s for the better that makes most people want to avoid it.

And now for something completely different

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