Buying contact lenses in Australia- what you need to know

September 29, 2019 0 Comments

I miss calculated my need for contacts completely and being used to just walk into any store that sells them in Asia and buy what I need – here in Australia it is not possible to do that without a current prescription

So I started of trying google for answers and as usual I end up with a lot of speculation and ideas on how to bypass the system and bullshit stories with no evidence just text.

How did it just take 30 minutes in the OPSM store? First I booked an appointment online and then showed up on time – what you need to be registered is your name of course and birthdate (not social security number) an address in Australia and a local phone number – your hotel or whatever you are staying in works and the number to that hotel is sufficient.

The Optometrist will tell you what the exam will cost at worst for me around 60 AUD but ended up at 34 due to that I had a pair of contacts with me to show what strength I need. The 90 contacts cost 101 AUD

Proof of that I actually did it

Medicare – this is something some countries have agreed with Australia and as we did not have that we paid in cash and will try to claim it later when we get to Sweden in December

The contacts themselves

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