How to Not make friends on an airplane

September 12, 2019 0 Comments

I am a pretty frequent flyer both in my job and private and I tend to just find my seat and behave chilled and in what I call travel mode. I also try to behave as normal as possible and not hassle fellow travelers

This however is not the case for everyone as many of you may have experienced yourself

Some of the best ways I think in how to not get new friends is anytime during the flight just push that button on your seat and throw yourself backwards as fast and hard as possible this happened as late as on This flight where a person already before takeoff did this – for me I am still organizing things a bit and doesn’t want my face planted in an aircraft seat or a drink spilled

Next one is stay in your seat and I don’t mean don’t get up I mean use your seat and not someone else’s this is from JQ518 Melbourne to Sydney September 10 2019 picture is of seat 20E or maybe should I say 20Extended due to the extra space for hair – maybe that is an add-on when flying Jetstar – this is not how to make friends even if the person behind you is a hairdresser he or she is probably not working at the moment


On this topic don’t put your travelers feet on others armrest it’s not pleasant at all and will most surely not befriend the person in front of you

And a small one – night flights – if you are going to sleep please turn off the reading light (Pro tip: it’s usually the same button as you used to turn it on)

Understandably some travelers are outside their comfort zone when traveling the world but that doesn’t mean that you should behave in ways that challenge or offend others.

See you up there 🛫

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