Today I (slowly) learned something

This is not a rant it’s more like wt*beep* moment and something to be aware of when visiting Australia if you are internet dependent – I started to notice this problem directly that every Australian probably already knew and that is that internet is horribly slow and very unpredictable with constant connection failures – something that came as a total surprise to me coming from Sweden.

One Google search confirmed my suspicion – this country have not kept up with the rest of the world and the attempts that been made haven’t really been that successful – I find this pretty interesting due to the shear fact that it’s the later part of 2019 and the technology is readily available.

Anyways this may explain why many restaurants don’t offer WiFi (or maybe just maybe they just want us to be social) – something that you can easily get everywhere in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and it’s usually pretty good too even in a restaurant that looks like a shack they offer free surf. Anyway this is a change (and challenge) for us so today we will get a SIM card to hopefully mitigate some of the hassle for us…

As a digital nomad this is of course not the optimal situation and stacks up a lot of stuff to upload – poor hotel internet in our next country 😇

BTW Australia we love you anyways 😉 💝👍

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