Monday’s are fundays or I don’t like boss people.

I hated Monday’s before when I was doing 9 to 5 (usually more) work always the bad taste in my mouth from having the weekend off to countless back to back meetings – because for some reason companies needs meeting to tell people what to do.

If I ever start a company I will only employ people that I don’t need to tell what to do because I won’t – I’ll happily help them if they ask but hiring people that can’t think for themselves is waste of both money and time. This is also why I chose my websites name to be Idonothaveaboss has a multifaceted meaning for me both as I will never take orders nor will I be one shouting out them.

I am one of those persons that think that you should be a leader and not a boss No matter where you are in the organization there is always one that looks up to you – the difference is distinct – one leads by showing the way and to what goal the other is telling orders on what you should do.

My Monday or Tuesday or any day actually.

If the “boss” managers understood that it actually takes more time and effort from them and the coworker to get stuff done maybe they rethink but these kind of people doesn’t seem to understand the difference. And if just if I start a company and anyone behaves like that they should know where the door is.

Hiring smart and intelligent people that join the vision is crucial- I am also a believer in that people can and should be able to grow especially as a person because I want people with high self esteem and self insight then they can accomplish wonders.

Life must come first and work in second- period. As before time is not refundable money is and I rather loose money.

A well taken care of grape can turn out as a wonderful wine with time of allowed. (Not recommended to drink your coworkers unless you are a vampire)

There are countless ludicrously rich people that realize this on their deathbed – how can a person “That smart” be so utterly stupid. I am not saying don’t get rich I am saying time always outperform any currency out there.

Longer than usual rant but I deeply think free minds performs better.

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