There is no time

August 15, 2019 0 Comments

One of the most interesting things that I reflect on from time to time is just that – time.

This man made invention that almost everyone is following is from my standpoint a total waste of people’s actual life – if you stop and look around you the only time you will se in nature comes from humans.

Sihanoukville Cambodia 2016

The obsession of time is something that I surely didn’t reflect on when I was working my butt of for my former employer – I was always having my calendar up to speed to be everywhere and anywhere on time – time then becomes more important than me.

My partner 🐥 Ankan 🐥

How I look at it now is time itself is irrelevant I just look to see if it’s dark or not outside – not looking at a phone or watch gives me real peace.

No I have not gone bananas I am just living my life with no time shackles.

Cambodia 2015

This is just one of the things why I love South East Asia – The actual life is more important than numbers that tell you the time. If you haven’t been to this part of the world I recommend that you visit – things get less black and white and more like grey as there is other ways than the western way to live.

Thank you for beeing here 🙏🏻 Again – time is not refundable.

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