Dreaming is not the same thing as memories

It just struck me that we have been traveling since 31 of December 2018, we left Sweden on New Year’s Eve to live our life more freely on our own terms. Not everything has been easy but with patience and the will to learn and tackle new experiences we have come to a point where we feel we are in control.

1st of January 2019

This made me realize that I am actually collecting memories every day of what used to be my dreams – this is not a “you can do it” talk it’s just that the lightbulb just came on and I feel unbound and genuinely happy.

That happiness is what I wish all of you to have and you don’t need to trust me that it’s worth it you know yourself when it hits you for real – it takes awhile for sure but man is it worth it.

No more soul diving for today I am up to get a breakfast then just take a walk here in Phnom Penh.

Time is not refundable for anyone so spend it well.


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Early Retired Digital Nomad

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