Angkor Wat

First of all the shear size of the whole area is mind boggling – it takes around 15 minutes by transport (TukTuk) from Siem Reap city limit plus a stop to buy the official Ticket

and Only place that are allowed to sell tickets – no one else sells legit tickets and to make it more secure they take your picture when purchasing it.

Angkor Wat

Ticket was 37 USD for one day and there are two main routes to take Long and Short we chose the latter and it suited our interest well – it may say short but it actually took six and a half hour and there is a lot of walking even if you as we did book a tour driver he/she will only drive you to and from the area and between the different sights the total for one TukTuk was 15 USD (+5 if you want it in sunrise or sunset)we booked via the hotel so no paying the driver you pay that exact amount to the hotel no tips needed.

Angkor Wat

I am just going to cover a bit of Angkor Wat (the temple) and the other parts tomorrow due to information and impressions overload.

Angkor Wat

– because it’s August it’s also somewhat low season so It wasn’t overfilled with tourists which was good.

Guides the will try to sell you a guide per site so if you pay for one at Angkor Wat you can decide again at the next one if you think it’s worth it again – we did not go with a guide as we were Vlogging and that was the plan.

Angkor Wat

Service inside and outside is plentiful mind though that toilets inside the Wat cost money 1000 Cambodian Riel and were of very basic standard- if you ask your driver to stop at next toilet outside he will take you to on and if you bought a ticket it’s free without 2000 Riel. Toilets outside was in very good shape with paper and soap. One big bottle of water was one USD so pretty expensive compared to a mart.

Angkor Wat

We spent around three hours in here and after that we felt that it was enough and that we had seen what we came to see.

That’s what I can muster for today more tomorrow after I catch up with my first Sihanoukville Cambodia Vlog but first some eating and drinking and shopping for a new chest bag for me.

Until tomorrow

🐥 Ankan 🐥

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