S-21 Tuol Sleng Genocide museum Phnom Penh

Stop number two of our tour takes us back to one of the most “successful” torture and horrific places in this country Security Prison 21 (S-21) Toul Sleng genocide museum.

I am not overwhelmingly impressed by the actual museum but with the self phase audio guide you can rent this place turns into a nightmare and some some actually went outside to take a break. The crimes against the people committed here cannot not be considered humane in any aspect – this was a place where not even suicide was permitted and after one prisoner fell to his death from third floor they put up barbed fences to prevent any more.

They wanted to torture the prisoners for themselves to reach the goal of year zero and start over as a peasant nation without intellectuals (which you were for using glasses…)

One of the stories raises the fact that one man being held as a prisoner the – hardest thing he tried to grasp was that he understood what the guards and everyone said – they talked Khmer they were the same people as himself.

An estimated 20,000 people were imprisoned at Tuol Sleng but the real number is unknown and many remains unidentified.

I read about this place in school and thought yeah that seems like some bad men were doing evil things – the story is far more gruesome than that.

This former school was also called Hill of the Poisonous Trees or Strychnine Hill just one of the between 140 to 200 torture places at the time – not confirmed numbers more guesstimates – but it’s said to have been the most well kept secret.

Wardens of the prison tried to destroy all and any evidence of what had been going on when they were liberated by Vietnamese and deflectors from the Khmer Rouge.

There are still some survivors alive that tell their stories in books and in person at this prison – are they real? As far as I could tell yes because they look like the pictures that were taken by the prison staff


Entrance and self paced audio guide was 8 USD per pax and the whole visit took an hour and a half – well spent time and the Vlog is coming up after the Khmer killing fields is ready.

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