Choeung Ek aka The killing fields of Cambodia

We read about this back in school and I thought ok some mean dude did something bad.

Today I rebooted that knowledge into first a hand experience of the humankind’s really dark and screwed up way of existence.

We went to the Choeung Ek Genocidal center just outside Phnom Penh in Cambodia to get a glimpse into what happened the place is mostly green by now with vegetation covering up some of Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges wrongdoings

There is still remains coming up from the ground at torrential rains that changes the landscape. Women, children and men many still unknown and will probably stay that way for ever.

This is not a nice destination but something that I recommend visiting even if you are like me not really interested in history – I am pretty sure that you will be touched by the evil that was ruling this place not that long ago.


We took a tuk-TukTuk here and to the Genocidal museum (blog tomorrow) that cost a total of 20 USD for two people private tour and the whole trip took around six hours so bring water and snacks or buy at the location- not that overpriced

Entrance fee to the above was 6 USD per pax including headset and prerecorded self paced guide – very nice and hugely friendly English speaking people at the entrance

cameras allowed on the whole area and a lot of tourist but the place is quite large so no crowds.

The skulls that had the method of killing identified had color coded stickers on them.

Prison in Vietnam

🐥 Ankan 🐥

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