Seven hour Taxi ride from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

This is a three and a half to seven+ hour trip make no mistake so if you are going either way be prepared with water and snacks – there are stops here and there especially in the small towns/villages you pass – if you are planning or just want to buy something have Cambodian Riel with you as the prices outside tourist areas usually display the local currency and you will be paying a lower price as there are no conversion to USD.

This ride is not for the faint of heart due to the really heavy traffic and multiple overtaking- do not be surprised to se an oncoming car or truck flashing his light telling you he’s not gonna stop… or someone is just doing an undertaking when you are overtaking someone else – it’s the name of the game.

Toilets – if you need to go you need to go and if nature it’s not an option for you there are free toilets in the before mentioned towns/villages – the quality and equipment vary a lot so bring wet wipes and or toilet paper because you cannot expect that to be available everywhere. Some toilets have a cash box outside you can put a 500 riel (approximately 0.12 Cent US) in it for good measure if you are happy – this is a country with many very poor people that live on less than one USD a day.

Tip – Tipping is not common in Cambodia unless you are in the really touristy areas that we foreigners have in many places taught the people working to expect tip and you may be called a Cheap Charlie so it’s as anything else up to you.

Police – you will sooner or later be stopped by the law and usually they just smile and wave you away when they see that you are a Westerner just keep calm and smile back worst case is your driver will be fined for something only they understand – do not interfere – ever.

Fruit – there is fruit vendors on the side of the road more or less frequent and the fruit is the day is usually something that you understand quite quickly because they usually sell the same on ever stall/motorbike/makeshift table same as when we arrived here it was mainly the small sweet bananas when near Phnom Penh and Rambutan when we were closer to Sihanoukville – getting really close to Phnom Penh there is just about every fruit your heart may desire.

Landscape- it’s green from vegetation and reddish from the soil – a lot of buildings and structures that are abandoned and also newly built houses and business buildings just a mix of everything. And you will unfortunately see a lot of trash in all form and shapes

Our ride went less crazy than usual and we were “treated” with an Lexus of not really this years model but it offered a tape deck… 🐠 but it had comfy seats and a not to crazy driver – all was booked by the hotel the day before and the total damage was 65 USD – foreigner price yes but for the seven hours and some change hours it took not a bad price to performance – except that it took one hour to get out of Sihanoukville due to construction and an insane amount of trucks.

I am putting together a few Vlogs for you that will come up as soon as we get a place to do some editing that I’ll hope you enjoy showing you more about Cambodia and what we experienced – it’s still a crazy country in so many ways and absolutely still worth visiting and exploring.

Gems and germs – Don’t do drugs at least not in South East Asia

Phi Phi island

🐥 Ankan 🐥

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