Cambodia – Otres Beach

Half past three the alarm went off this morning and our ride picked us up at four – of course I would not go to bed in a reasonable time so I slept only three hours- which is a tad on the short side for me when it comes to sleeping 😴 🤪.

Anyway off to Phuket international airport and fast checkin by Thai AirAsia – immigration was painless so were security – all done in less than 10 minutes so Kudos to the staff.

1.30 minutes in a half empty Airbus A320-200 went smooth with only some minor turbulence.

Phnom Penh airport was also a smooth operation – we had e-visa already ready so no waiting in line to get a visa on arrival – I will give you the full experience shortly on what to expect and how you can prepare to have the best experience.

The “road” below is a two way ment to have room for construction trucks meeting… nope ain’t going to work 😂🛵

We had pre-booked a taxi for 60$ to take us the not that far ride but pretty time consuming 4 hour plus ride also when arriving there was something blocking the road so we added 30 more minutes standing still just some minutes from the hotel 😂👍

We are staying at Sea Breeze Resort locates by Otres beach. Will give you a closer look when we get the feel for the place.

That’s our day so far and now we are heading out for some late lunch this very hot and humid Monday in Cambodia. is my life partner go check her blog out 👍

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