Phi Phi islands a multifaceted love story

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It’s located in the Andaman sea in the Krabi province with multiple ways to get here and from many locations. I always say that let’s book a couple of nights and always find myself wanting to stay longer – the days are long and relaxing and the night is hot and steamy. You can go on a lot of different day trips by boat or walk up to the viewpoint that overlooks most of the island of Phi Phi Don.

Phi Phi Don

I can’t really put a finger on what it is that drags me here and stops me from leaving but there is something about the tranquility and relaxed lifestyle mixed with the out of your mind party late at night with nonstop buckets that have a magical glue that attaches to you when you set your first foot on the island.

Late night when shops are closed the island is almost all dark but you don’t feel unsafe – of course be a bit weary of your surroundings and to young partygoers – use a condom – I have seen numerous empty looks in the morning where you can tell the regret and uncertainty just by the look in their eyes – mostly young females – have fun on the island – it’s up to you maybe just take an advice from someone that has lived his life to have fun and stretched the limits in any way possible – Phi Phi is a Party island with a big P so whether you are a female or male there is no limit on what you can do or end up and I mean no limits – it’s up to you.

What you can expect is something for anyone all from shopping island style clothing and accessories to doing the limbo late night on the beach after the fire shows has ended and the booze really gets flowing. Eating here have been greatly improved since my first visit eleven years ago and there is a taste for everyone here you just need to learn to navigate the narrow streets – want to see a game? There are numerous bars that almost certainly will meet your needs – you want to kick some ass or get your ass kicked? Then go to the reggae bar on the main bar street and sign up for the blue team and you’ll do a three times one minute match with a suitable contender and win a bucket of alcohol.

There are no strip bars on the island so if you want that this is not the place but if a vacation girlfriend is your thing there are plenty around also there is massage places that provide more than traditional massages if you are into that.

Romantic restaurant wise there are a bunch of them located at the beach you will arrive at so you will not go hungry on a date here it is still Thailand.

To conclude this blog Koh Phi Phi is one of those places in the world that you will carry in that special place in you heart for all your life no matter what of the attractions and your desires.

Also doing a Vlog on YouTube when we get back home in Chalong Phuket so if you have any questions put them here and I’ll give you my view on them.

There is no one love for this place – come see for yourself and find your own poison πŸ’πŸ™πŸ»

Don’t do drugs.

Until then please have a look at my review on the DJI Osmo Action that now is broken… update coming soon ordered a charging kit with two batteries to give DJI a second chance and to see if the battery is at fault.

Also my love in life

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