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I am going to be a bit self and “western world” critical in this one.

What do you mean doesn’t Westerners smile? No not nearly as much as Thai people not saying that they have all the answers but most of them seem to live here and now instead of worrying about five years from now or even tomorrow.

Westerners seem to have forgotten how to be happy in the moment and not always pursue something else further down the road that they think make them happier.

How is this a thing? I am getting back to the consume – consume – consume world a lot of people (as well as me) are living in thinking lots of things will make them find happiness or just buy them because it felt right at the moment – for me I came to the conclusion that things will not make me happier it’s just going to hinder me from moving and letting go and that’s why the decision to leave it all behind and the reboot of our life became a reality.

I try to smile as much as I can now and I get a smile back and it feels awesome- instead of smiling in for example Sweden and people look at you and are thinking this man needs a medical check up – or what the he** is he so happy about when I am miserable.

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