Time is abiding by my rules now

What is time?

For most people I guess that it is that annoying sound in the morning that brings you back to some kind of awake state where you have your routines and get ready to serve someone else’s needs – no matter if you are self employed or not.

For me time was just the above until we made the decision to have time work for us instead of being a slave under it – every day is unique now in that sense that there is no plan on what we are going to do tomorrow there are no weekdays or weekends there are just days and nights – just living life now – not in the past nor the future.

My calendar was filled with sometimes boring meetings and never ending nag about strengths and weaknesses and how I should do to improve the latter – doing just that will not make you a better or happier person it will just force you to focus on how to be a better servant to who ever thinks they know what is better for you – when in the end you are just fulfilling their goals.

Until you decide that enough is enough and break free from the “curse” you will truly not be in charge of your own time.

Time in the end is not just money – time is life and all living things have a best before and an expiration date that at least I don’t want to spend on something or someone else – Annika and me are on a journey as a couple but we still have our own goals in life – two people can never become one – they can only share the journey together – life and time itself is yours and yours only – decide what it’s worth spending it on and who to share it with if any.

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