70 days in paradise

So we are coming on 70 days in our paradise called Phuket Thailand feels like we are starting to realize that our lifestyle has fundamentally changed and less and less plans for “tomorrow” is being made and more let’s see what we want to do when we wake up – is it hanging by the pool – go to the gym – go to some beach – go on another adventure or just chill in a bar somewhere.

This is the day to day decisions we take when needed all in symbiosis with a Thailand slowing down for low season and currently having very hot weather and no rain to speak of.

No complaints – no worries no more stupid recurring bills to pay in Sweden – just dress yourself with a smile and your day will go absolutely fine.

This is a life I think anyone can live just do a little planning beforehand and have a plan and a exit in your back pocket and you will be fine. We had so many talks before we just said dang it let’s do this. No regrets so far – some longing for family and friends and a our dog named Tekla comes and goes from time to time and sometimes it hurts other times it warms my heart that they are still there even if there is a few miles between us 💝.

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