Last Tax return

Got my last tax return yesterday at least the last with some income from work in Sweden and it felt great actually because I paid more tax than I got hard earned cash for myself.

And the government in Sweden proclaiming that Swedish people can pay more taxes….what is wrong with you? Why should I want to work so someone else can be unemployed by choice or come to Sweden and live on welfare for the rest of their life not lifting an honest finger?

I say NO from now on Sweden I am sorry but my income this year and all to come is ZERO – ZIP – NADA – NILL. This is my way to first of all live my life but also put down my foot on one of the hardest taxes in the world – example we have value tax upon tax on gas ⛽️ and no one in Sweden seems to have the cohones to put down their foot and say NO to that madness.

Though I was angry and got hot but it was just the sun ☀️ that started to shine on me 😅.


Oh by the way for the past 20 years or so I have had private health care paid by the company so I have not exhausted any government resources there either and last year the decided to put a tax on that to… and the Public TV license is now mandatory and withdrawn on you income… ********** Sweden you are btw welcome to squeeze that tax from me now you can calculate what I should pay from Z E R O income.

Rant over.

My latest Vlog (not on taxes…)

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