Restaurant review – Costa Grill in Rawai Thailand

I want to share a good restaurant with you that have pleased us several times now and we are prepared to recommend this restaurant with reasonable tourist prices.

VLOG version is found here:

I will link how to find it below.

First of all this one type of restaurants that we usually avoid due to it’s western feel to it but sometimes you find jewels 💎 where you least expect.

Today’s brunch consisted of the following dishes

We are a bit fed up on Thai food right now and this was a nice break from it (due to stomach bug) the Melon and Parma ham was 330 Bath and my pasta was 250 Bath which is not cheap but in this case well worth the money especially if you are here in holiday.

Staff is lovely and extremely helpful which is as I see it is uncommon the “nicer” the restaurant looks – may have something to do with management…

I give this 4.8 out of 5 🦐 based on:

Food quality 5

Taste 5

Service 5

Location 5

Looks of the restaurant 4 (personal preference – won’t affect the eatery part)

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