Drone registration Thailand updated info February 2019

So you want to fly your drone but not spend time in jail or paying fines?

Then this blog is for you.

First of all – all of the so called guides that I found are outdated or just simply wrong with a lot of guesses and assumptions.

I just registered my Mavic Pro and the things you need can be sorted into 3 steps with sub activities

1. Insurance:

1st you need an insurance and if you get it with a starting date before you arrive the faster CAAT will handle your application. 4000 (3000 for insurance 1000 as a service fee) Bath for a year long insurance that meets CAAT requirements.

Either you get one global or from a Thai company – I used http://www.dronethaiinsurance.com just send them an email as instructed on the website and they will get back to you with how to.


They now have a website to use for your application https://www.caat.or.th/uav/ Just register on bottom left – login and the top left (hard to see on mobile) then choose to register – you will also be able to see status here after register – took me 9 days total to get the approval. Forms are in dual Thai/English language and they will get back to you via email if there is any problems or questions.

I won’t list details here on what to submit because it is subject to change as it did for me during the process – they changed the self declaration form and I had to update it – but it’s heavily simplified now so all good.


I used the above drone insurance company for 1.500 Bath extra to help me apply for this. You need a round trip or ticket out because the NBCT license is temporary and can be renewed when coming back to Thailand after for example a Visa run. Alternative visit a NBCT office and do it manually – but in my opinion if you can buy a drone like the Mavic X then maybe 1.500 Bath is not the biggest problem in your life.

So a total of 5500 Bath and all were fixed.

Remembered the prices a bit thin – updated.

My Vlog:



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