Monday blog – Rawai Beach

This beach is a so called working beach where it’s not really that nice to swim or get some sun – that said if you are hungry or thirsty there is a lot of options along the street.

Prices for a meal for two – with main course and a beer and soda water usually goes around 500-800 Thai Bath not super cheap but affordable especially when having fresh seafood. Prices is from February 2019 (high season). We have tried all of the restaurants and haven’t been disappointed even once they offer more or less the same items on their menu but differs due to that the way they cook it is not always the same. Same same but different. You can absolutely eat cheaper if you leave the beach road we had the same setup on a mama and papa restaurant a few minutes walk away and we payed 250 Bath… you are paying for the location.

It takes around 30 minutes to walk the street and the whole beach is not walkable just different parts of it due to stones and wave breakers.

You can easily rent a long tail or speedboat directly from the driver that will be on the sidewalk ready to help you to several island like Koh Bon, Koh Lon and their paradise beaches.

Rawai is a slow laidback place that don’t really wake up until noon but offers entertainment for those who seek it late into the night.

The best ice coffee in my opinion is found in the center of the street – link below they also to tours and laundry of course 😁🇹🇭 we pay 40 bath per kilo with washing and ironing – pickup after 18 the day after – this is because they dry the clothes in the sun.

Why now and how we did this is coming soon until then we also do some Vlogging on YouTube:

Annikas blog:

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