Immigration in Sweden

Being born and raised in Sweden usually means that you are a tolerant person with a lot of patience, used to stand in line if there’s a queue we are also told that the government will take care of us if we get sick or just plain old this something that you should not count on anymore in Sweden not at all.

Now this have been something that has been changing for some years and the government are not at all interested in helping ordinary people. And if you don’t shout and scream you won’t even get the proper health care due to other nationalities are used to do just this and shoehorn themselves ahead of polite Swedish fist in the pocket people.

Instead we have build a society of welfare takers and “taking care” of foreigners of all ages that come to Sweden with little or no demand that they give us anything back or even putting them to work to contribute to the society.

The mentality that we can and should help all people that needs help should is in other countries called insanity – just do the maths Sweden is around 10 million people and just to take an example Afghanistan that according to the World bank is roughly 35 million people… and holds the title of producing the most refugees in the world for many years that is creating debt not prosperity. Now EU has held it’s borders open for too long and there is a growing serious problem in the country’s that have been taken on if I put it mildly not the finest and nicest of people, on this note a country as Sweden where the Police force is diminishing into an organization that can’t even keep the drunk drivers off the roads due to lack of funding and personnel this becomes a serious problem. Countries like Denmark have highlighted this and they get heat from the insane people that it’s not humanitarian to not let them in – how can it be humanitarian to the people that are already living there to welcome people with no identity no money to come stay – that’s pure and blind stupidity.

We have moved to a country where you need to prove that you are worthy and you can only stay as long as you are able to pay for yourself and with rules and regulations in place to enforce this. This is what Europe should do instead of just let people in because some insane leadership – the people of the different countries are those suffering and in the end the government do not give a rats ass as long as they can stay in power and be shielded from the bad things happening in the real world.

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to see what is happening you just need to have a sane mind and some balls to stand up and say no.

And for you who have been thinking that this is racist thinking – it’s not it’s just as everything else in this world- it all comes down to one thing in the end and it’s Money on all levels from all angles this is what it comes down to if you are able to look at the problem with sober eyes.

We are Farangs in this country that are staying and abiding by the rules as long as we can take care of ourselves if we fail we are not welcome anymore and that is the way to do it.

Also back in the land of the living from fever that wasn’t dengue – happy about that

Why now and how we did this is coming soon until then we also do some Vlogging on YouTube:

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