Friday blog: Drinking water in Thailand

February 15, 2019 0 Comments

Let’s make this a short blog

– do not drink the water from the tap – blog complete…not really

I know that sometimes people boil tap-water and use it for tea as other hot beverages and are probably fine – just a precaution is that while the water itself can look pretty good and are reverse osmosis treated the pipes are not in top shape therefore it’s recommended that you don’t drink tap water but instead buy your water from the local store

There are a multitude of variants of brands and sizes most all are relatively cheap.

If you are not careful with this you just may have a bigger chance of ending up with a stomach bug 🐛 that is among the worst illnesses you will ever experience I have got it a few times even if not drinking the water so you are not completely safe due to overall cleanliness and food quality but that happens in the western world as well.

Going to have a separate blog about that bug experience.

Don’t let this stop you though from coming here it’s a wonderful country with lovely people if you are nice to them and smile – otherwise you will not enjoy this place to the fullest

Why now and how we did this is coming soon until then we also do some Vlogging on YouTube:

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