Final salary

Just got my final salary from my former employer that I quit working for in December 2018 and I have never felt such relief in anything I have ever done.

The feeling is mixed with what the heck have we done but that last feeling runs off very quick when I realize that we have started #lifetwopointzero and we are free to do whatever we want with our lives.

Reflecting back on working is no more that a dark cloud like the boat on the picture- it is starting to fade away to being just a memory and a different life with work work work. Now it’s life life life first.

I have not set the alarm for 43 days (Annika is counting) and I removed the Fitbit because there is no need to see how many hours I sleep – I wake up when my body wakes me up.

Until next blog:


Published by idonothaveaboss

Early Retired Digital Nomad

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