Hamster wheel

I’ve been there wanting to earn more money – buy a bigger car – buy a bigger house – get a dog – get two dogs get a cat – buy more stuff to the point where it starts to get hard remembering what you actually have bought and put into storage.

it gets to the point where it’s hard to even go on vacation because of all of the responsibilities you have put on yourself just to have a happy life when you in reality are burning yourself out pursuing happiness.

People that know me know that I love stuff and gadgets but what they may not know is that the last years investments have been to prepare for this breakout from the hamster wheel.

This has been my dream since before I got my first job but with life always as my main focus – having fun traveling partying and enjoying life and treat work as someone paying for my time not the other way around – see my blog about time to read more of how I see on the subject time.

Sitting here in a chair by the beach and writing this blog it starts to dawn on me what we have done and that it’s the right decision.

When we moved we sold, gave away and threw away a lot of stuff that we had in storage that we most of the time did not even remember that we saved almost gave up and included it in the apartment 😁

Why now and how we did this is coming soon until then we also do some beginner Vlogging on YouTube:

Annikas blog: http://www.ankanwildandcrazy.com

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Early Retired Digital Nomad

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