I see Dead People

Not The lightest or funniest thing to talk about but but we have already seen two traffic accidents with deadly outcome here in Phuket one was an older male Farang and the other a young female – both on motorbikes.

Motorbikes here are not mopeds – the are fast machines and if you add the driving style no helmet, only wearing summer clothes and the often addition of alcohol before taking the motorbike on a dark (black) road then you get a pretty deadly combination.

I understand and enjoy the freedom it gives to ride a bike here but the dangers should be taken more seriously – Thai way of thinking of life is “up to you” so after renting a bike it’s up to you.

Last night was the fore mentioned deadly accident with a young western woman and they were just covering her up with a blanket when we passed she had been riding only in shorts and in total darkness – the Thais helping out used lighters to try to warn the rest of the traffic.

I don’t know who she was but I am truly sorry for her and her family 😕🙏🏻

Update: It was 2 Russians one male one female that was killed in the accident- they had crashed into a pickup truck.


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