Weekend blog – Moving House

Ok – this I would know quite a bit about in Sweden but are clueless (almost) here in Thailand and you will need to rely on a a company to help you and today we got in contact with a real estate company and went to see 2 very different homes one was more a townhouse near a road

The other was the complete opposite a house in what felt like middle of the jungle but had a lot of outside area

Immediately when we saw the djungle house the concept felt right but location not so much not now at least we are not ready to go Tarzan just yet. A couple of more house are on our list on places we want to see before we take the step and move houses 🏘 and we are planning to move after 1st of April because of the start of the low season here and prices drops as well as the amount of available places goes up.

Great experience though with the company helping us so far revealing their name when papers are signed and and if we are still happy.

To be continued to keep tuning in…

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