Weekend blog – Thai SIM card and phone

We like the ability to always use internet and upload and update stuff so we always get a SIM card in the Asian country we are in same here in Thailand – it makes a world of difference when out of range of WiFi to just have the ability that you can get online if you want.

You can get these at the airport that you are arriving at and more or less any 7 eleven and big shopping centers that have mobile operators present – you will need your passport and an address e.g your hotel.

The SIM card itself have a expiration date for usually one month but that can be extended.

We also bought a new mobile to have as a hotspot and use to keep in contact with Thai people and Farang that are here.

4999 Bath approximately 140€ 150$ for a Oppo A3s entry level phone (not sponsored…yet 😉 ) after you got the SIM and used all of the prepaid data you can top the credits up at the fore mentioned places. They have machines outside the stores or you buy it inside the store and they will top it up for you – yes Thailand is all about service.

Something we have learned is also if you use a WiFi hotspot some providers and packages limit the speed for connecting phones to ridiculous low speeds so ask the seller and tell them what and how you are going to use the card so you get the correct one.

– I will do a part #2 blog on how to and give you a trick or two on topping up and extending your sim and what packages you can and cannot use.

Have a look at my partner In life http://www.ankanwildandcrazy.com she writes directly from her heart.

Sunday is Vlog day

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