Stress will kill you from the inside #6

Can you tell?

What are the signs of stress? In my opinion there are as many signs that there are people that are stressed- what I can tell you though is what I saw in myself both at the time and looking back to that point in time.

First of all is what I call “Fisheyes” eyes that look grey, watery and you get a sense of hopelessness – something that I did not notice or see before I was there myself. It’s like you have an itch for the first time in your life and suddenly you know the signs and what it is.

The mood changes – not necessary anger but changes towards a I do not care state that is harder to detect if you are not really close on a personal level. As a coworker this is not easy to detect because a stressed person may look very effective and busy but are really running in smaller and smaller circles inside their mind.

Denial is a common suspect and is a sign that is easier to detect but harder to handle because people in this state of mind will just deny that there is a problem and that is usually the end of that conversation- I actually recently had one of those chats with a former coworker and that person just said no I am fine – with a fisheye smile…

I am sincerely hoping that this short series from my own personal experience helps someone and anyone in not going down the same path as I did because getting burned out is actually a thing.

Please do remember that No job is worth stressing for and I mean No job – and if you burn yourself out the company will just replace you the same way they replace a trash bag.

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