Stress will kill you from the inside #5

February 5, 2019 0 Comments

What is recovery and what are you recovering from – these are the question I asked myself and with interesting results – first I came up with the easiest way to explain it and I just had too much to do but I only needed some rest and I feel fine and can get back in the game.

Ok this was worse than I probably saw even back then and I will give you my insight in the tell signs I look for in myself and other people when it comes to severe stress in the next blog #6 of this series.

So rest is not the only thing here to help you get back from a event like this – remember my brain just took over in a primal survival state and getting it back is not easy because it will still be on guard so you basically don’t kill yourselves by stress – there is no joking about it and no one way to get better – you need changes in life and mind to get your head together. For someone that have not been there this probably sounds yeah sure no problem it’s still your brain and you are in control- for them who think like that I really hope they or anyone else for that matter never gets to experience what I am trying to describe.

I can sometimes still feel the effects of this – not as prevalent as back then but I get a friendly reminder from time to time that if I do not play by the rules the primal part of my mind will overrule me.

Please do remember that No job is worth stressing for and I mean No job – and if you burn yourself out the company will just replace you the same way they replace a trash bag.

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