Weekend blog – Solar power

I just say wow when it comes to this portable solar panel (Not sponsored…yet…;)) with three 5V 2.4A max per power outlet. We gave approximately 100 € / 110 $ for it and it’s worth every cent.

Go beyond just charging your phone and think of power banks, cameras USB driven fans for that really hot day – next step is a 12 volt solar panel to enable cold drinks all day long on the beach.

Kinda surprised that some people seeing this actually laughs and think it’s ridiculous – “up to you” Thai expression – we have probably all been there it’s a long day wether on the beach or somewhere without any way to charge your phone and other stuff – I admit that we use our phones quite heavily to the brink of too much but for me I like to use technology and this apparatus allows us to have 100% charging when we come to the beach and when we leave even if I have had music on and surfing, blogging and so on you get the picture we have full charge and have also charged our power banks so we are set for the evening – a bit overkill? Probably but using your phone as a camera and more in a hot country drains your battery pretty quickly 🙏🏻.

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