Stress will kill you from the inside #3

So what is going on with me? I am totally numb in my feelings i don’t care for anything and no one else than myself matters. In hindsight I understand that this was my brain saving me from dying by basically shutting me down and taking control before it is to late.

I got overmanned by my own mind as crazy as it may sounds this is what actually happened and I am grateful for that. Now let’s get back to that time and I will try to give a fair picture of how my social life was at that point – not existing is the short explanation. I had friends calling me (yes you actually called people on their phone back then) and asking me to go out and party with them – I didn’t tell them what’s happened – not because I was embarrassed – I just did not care.

I have told them afterwards but I have never told the story like this.

This is a bit weird for me to talk about because it feels like I am talking about someone else and maybe I am because I was certainly not in control at this time I was shut down by my own brain.

Part #4 is coming Monday next week and will be about my body’s damage control functions and how this affected me then and how it still affects me – after that #5 will be about recovery and my learnings from this and #6 is what are the signs that I personally look for in someone stressing themselves out to the point of no return. So stay tuned.

Please do remember that No job is worth stressing for and I mean No job – and if you burn yourself out the company will just replace you the same way they replace a trash bag.

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