Stress will kill you from the inside #1

Stress Is probably the thing that kills more people than society wants to admit and I don’t just mean dead and buried I mean the people that are so stressed that they get burned out – I have personal experience of this about 12 years ago when I was on the brink of being burned to the bones – let me tell you that story.

I was working in a company that was healthy and heavily growing within the IT sector – and I have always been a loyal and hardworking person so I like to say yes to opportunity’s when the show up – that said this day turned into a spin-off of that mindset and success…

it was a normal day at work and I was handling many things at the same time – while sitting in my office chair I had a customer on the phone and I tried to stand up and I blacked out when I came to it again I was sitting down in my chair again with no memory of the call I just had and the customer still talking – I just hang up on him.

I took a deep breath and packed my things and started to drive home – suddenly while driving my body started to stress out for no reason at all this happened a couple of times until I stopped my car and called 112 (911) for an ambulance 🚑 I felt that I couldn’t breathe and I literally was going to die at that exact moment.

Ambulance arrived and found me sitting in my car – helped me on a stretcher taking my blood pressure and asked me how I felt and I said the above happened – he just looked back at me and asked “got a lot to do at work”? and I said normal for some reason. This was as far from normal life as it gets But I did not see it yet.

Got to the ER and a nurse took care of me starting to do tests and listening to my heart all fine just a bit high blood pressure and the soon to be famous question “got a lot to do at work”?

Doctor came and looked at the tests and talking to me and she asked… “got a lot to do at work”? The lightbulb finally started to lit up in my brain and I thought to myself that as long as I calmed down and got my stuff together this would be fine.

I took the tube home and it was just five stations – was the middle of the day and not many people traveling- sat down and my heartbeat started to run amok and I started to sweat and get anxiety attacks I thought what the heck is going on with me.

– this was also the time when I still had notifications turned on and I could hear email pouring in – ding ding ding ding – I felt like utterly shit.

Got home from what felt like a lifetime – sat down in my sofa and just stared at my turned off tv just blank in my mind. What on earth did just happened. All evening I just tried to let go of work but my brain would not wind down and I must have fallen asleep due to exhaustion I really don’t remember.

Next morning a colleague of mine said I had to come into the office for a very important customer case – and as the complete idiot I was I did – in that meeting the CEO of the company I worked for came in and looked at me and said PJ how do you feel? And I told him the above story – he immediately- said see you in 2 weeks we will take care of your email and calls just unplug – Kudos to him for that quick action that probably helped me more than I will ever know.

What comes next and how and how I changed my mindset and how I came back as a better person is in an upcoming blog.

See my Time is not refundable blog on how I treat time nowadays.

Please do remember that No job is worth stressing for and I mean No job – and if you burn yourself out the company will just replace you the same way they replace a trash bag.

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