Time is not refundable

January 29, 2019 0 Comments

When I was employed I always treated the relationship with work as the company are paying for my time and for me this is a sensible way of looking at how to get qpaid for my time and what I want out of life instead of thinking that I need to go to work to serve someone else’s needs.

Probably everyone’s heard of the expression time is money but not many seems to reflect on what it could actually mean for themselves.

For me this means that anyone or any company that wants to use my time have to pay me what I think my time is worth and this is of course up to everyone to figure out themselves- but as a totally free advice do this calculation and bring the numbers to your next compensation discussion whether it’s a new job, promotion or just the yearly review – I have been using this mindset for many years and it has helped us to get paid for what We think We are worth – this is why we are now able to be digital nomads and do exactly what we want with our time.

And remember if the company you are talking to don’t want to pay what you are asking for – then it’s not the place for you to spend Your time on – one thing is true and I can’t take credit for it is that your time is not refundable – there is no putting back into this account – only withdrawal and the thing is you don’t know how much you have to spend.

So get paid what your time is worth to you nothing else matter when it comes to compensation discussion and I know employers try to talk soft values and other nonsense- in the end you are there to make a living nothing else – I can tell you that this mindset will help you to be strong in that discussion, prepare yourself before and do the numbers that you are reaching for – set up role play with your partner and try it out practice makes perfect.

I will have a beer 🍺 for everyone that this helps and if no one reads this I will have a beer anyway because I have earned it.

And if you spent your time on this blog I hope your next compensation discussion goes in your direction – if it doesn’t – work on your mindset because this is not rocket science and change where you are working or start your own business.

Don’t let anyone else get paid what They want and not compensate you what your time is worth.

Time is Not refundable.

Tomorrow’s blog is all about how I started thinking like this – it’s a bit heavier and as real as they come…

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