Don’t be alarmed…

30 days of no setting the alarm – if this would have been a vacation thoughts of what needs packing and how heavy our bags would have occupied some of our time – this is not that scenario – this is a reflection on us deciding to go into early retirement and prioritize our life instead of buying a bigger car and bigger house and acquire more and more things – while we are still well we wanted something to call ours so we decided that life itself would be in our control – 1st of January 2019 we landed in Phuket Thailand to start realizing our dream.

These kind of sunsets is now a part of our everyday life now kind of hard to fathom and there is no rush or fear not getting that tan before you go to you home country… this is home now…

This is where I wrote this blog

Woke up really early this morning for some reason and did some private stuff then back to bed and fell a sleep again – in Sweden while working I would just gone up and start my work computer and get into work mode – there was never any problems at work I loved what I did we just did not have time for ourselves and that became a problem for us… more about how we see time in a future one

Her Blog:

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