Toilets of Thailand

Sooner or later you gotta go do your private business and in Thailand this experience can vary depending on where you are and how posh the place is and how much in need you really are 😏.

The above loo is located in one of our favorite eatery’s in Rawai But can still be found throughout Thailand in both worse and better shape – the food at this place is totally pampering our taste buds so you can’t always judge a restaurant by the toilet – I can see that this thing can be a bit too much for some people but it’s actually not that horrible to do your stuff in if you really need to go – the flushing mechanism is that black water container with the pink bucket – you clean your hands from running water faucet with a red handle – simple but it works. Of course there are people that need hand sanitizers, soap, fresh towels, air fresheners and so on – this is not for you.

Then we have the other types and in this beach restaurant the facility is clean but simple and should be familiar to most western people.

When in a mama and papa restaurant the toilet is more or less always located beside the kitchen so don’t be put off when entering a side door and the cook smiles at you when you enter – just smile back 😁🙏🏻

In most places in thailand do Not throw paper or anything else in the toilet the risk of it being clogged up is quite big and you will have another situation to deal with – there is almost always a bucket of some sort to throw paper in – use it is my advice because the plumbing here are sometimes a bit old and not dimensioned for the amount of people it is currently serving.


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