Grumpy people

This is one of the reasons we left Sweden and the Western world – it has gotten to the point when everyone one looks grumpy (see my upcoming blog about smiles) and if they don’t get exactly their way they go into snowflake mode and act offended.

This is something you rarely see here in Thailand – first of all becoming angry here means that you “lost your face” and that is not a thing a Thai person wants and you don’t want to be the one putting them into that situation- if you manage to mess up and do it anyway you are in for a storm and you will loose no matter how macho o right you think you are – period. Don’t be that guy – ever.

So when coming to the land of smiles don’t bring your snowflake personality you will just melt away faster than you thought possible – Smile when your food wasn’t exactly what you ordered – Smile when the laundry wasn’t ready exactly 6 PM – Smile if the appointment isn’t there on time – Smile and make room for someone else when walking on the sidewalk…

Don’t worry about the cost of smiling – it’s one of the things nowadays that is actually free – can you imagine that people don’t use things that is totally free in a world where everyone wants everything cheap…

Put a smile on and see how it affects others and you be surprised how it will affect yourself…

Please comment if it works for you 😁

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