This is a big one and I am going to chop it down to different areas starting with “phet” spicy “Phet mak mak” vey spicy – this is not an assurance that you will get what you ask for so just smile and pour on more chili if needed – not all Thaifood is spicy but sooner or later you will end up with a dish that looked delicious and it probably is but it has that heat that “Farang” usually can’t really handle – Farang means foreigner you will hear it a lot and I’ll cover that in another blog.

I got a surprised waitress the other day after I had eaten a Tom Yam with seafood and it was phet mak mak – very spicy – she gave me the “you can eat spicy? – yes – Ohhh” reaction and I just love that big smile you get 🌶🙏🏻 that said a small advice is to try your own limit of the level of spicy you can handle because the food gets in my opinion even more tastier when adding some heat.

Speaking of heat Thai Chili also named Birds eye chili is a pretty evil little thing if you add more than you can handle so be a bit careful what you dig your teeth into – some of the food has that immediate burn and you know you are in for a ride others just grow in heat the more you eat until you cannot take it anymore and drink water or beer… that makes it worse by spreading it to your whole mouth – use steamed rice to take the edge off 😌

Spice up your lives 🌶😁🙏🏻

My partner in life’s blog from her perspective she has had an interesting life that you may want to follow:

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