You can own many things but you can only own one life…

January 18, 2019 0 Comments

What do restarting your life mean… For us it means no more needing to go to a workplace to serve a company or someone else’s goals and visions – we want to form our own lives here and now. I will cover this in-depth in a future episode I just need to wrap my mind around it a bit more.

The thing is with the rat race everyone is wanting a bigger car, a bigger house, more stuff pets and so on until you are so filled up with stuff that you can’t move or even go on vacation – I am for sure not against stuff but I have starting to realize that the value of life is much greater than things you own – you can own many things but you only own one life.

And I was never unhappy with life #onepontzero I just started to have different goals in life wanting more of us and life Itself and had the fortune to have my wonderful life partner Annika in my life both stopping, helping and pushing me when I did not realize that I needed help and guidance…

Next blog on Monday have a great weekend πŸ™πŸ»


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