It hurt as ….

Ok, it’s your life and you tell yourself you can live it anywhere – you absolutely can – Just that sometimes your brain just slaps you in the face from the inside, wakes you up and brings you back to where you left off – when this happens I remind myself that this is a natural part of the process…

I have my mother, grandfather extended family, Annikas family and my friends back in Sweden and on a emotional level we miss you all don’t ever think that we don’t – ever.

So do we have any family left – yes we do – nothing has really changed except for Me and Annika relocating physically but we are still in your life and you are in ours – never forget that.

We are doing this for no other reason than life itself – we do not want to be waiting with living until our bodies stop working and we are forced to sit and imagine this life in a holding cell for old people in a country that does not care about their old ones…

Wow that felt personal but good 😇🌶

Come and say hi if you are visiting Thailand 🙏🏻

Annikas place:

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